Conference Venue

The TERENA Networking Conference 2000 was held in Lisbon, the economic, political and cultural centre of Portugal. With its warm climate, close proximity to the coast, good facilities and modern infrastructure, Lisbon is a popular venue for meetings as well as a favourite destination for tourists. Most famous for its history of maritime success, in particular the voyages of Vasco da Gama who first navigated the sea route to India, the city of Lisbon is once again flourishing as a European centre of commerce. In 1998 the city hosted the World Exposition on the theme of oceans to celebrate its maritime past and in 2000, Portugal held the first Presidency of the European Union of the new millennium.

Built around seven hills on the north bank of the river Tagus, the old city is characterised by winding lanes of sun-washed houses, many with hand-painted ceramic tiles that brighten their fronts. In contrast, the new Lisbon, planned in the 18th century, is made up of a geometric arrangement of orderly streets. Lisbon has a plentiful supply of restaurants and cafés serving freshly prepared local dishes. There are many museums throughout the city recording the age when Portuguese influence stretched from Africa to the Orient and as you wander through the city streets you will see reminders of Lisbon's history and maritime past.

The conference was held at the "Centro de Congressos do LNEC", the Congress Centre of the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC).