Open TF-CACHE Meeting


In 2000, there was a continued interest in Web proxy caching across Europe. However the international situation had changed in the past months, due to availability of bandwidth as well as new caching appliances from many vendors. Other significant changes related to the delivery of replicated content - especially streaming video.

The aims of the TF-CACHE meeting in Lisbon were to:

  • Identify new areas of interest to the Research and Academic community in the fields of caching, replication and storage.
  • Define specific objectives and outline potential collaboration activities.

Open TF-CACHE Meeting

The Open TF-CACHE meeting was held in Lisbon from 09:00 to 12:30 on Sunday 21 May 2000. The meeting was attended by 32 participants from 15 countries. Further information about the meeting and the other activities of TF-CACHE can be found at: