TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Session 8B

TERENA Technical Programme
Chair: Kees Neggers, SURFnet, The Netherlands

Research and Education has always had needs which might be considered more demanding than those of the average commodity Internet user. The TERENA Technical Programme is a vehicle for many new and exciting developments in networking, specifically aimed at the research and education community. In this session, the latest work of the TERENA Technical Programme will be presented in a number of short papers, which reflect a representative sample of the programme's activities.

8B1   IRT Co-ordination - an Update
         Brian Gilmore, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom - Abstract
          - Slides (85KB)

8B2   Extended Cache Statistics Project
         Jens Vöckler and Helmut Pralle, University of Hanover, Germany
          - Abstract - Paper - Slides (1.32MB)

8B3   Update on TF-STREAM Activities
         Egon M. Verharen, SURFnet, The Netherlands - Abstract
         - Slides (64KB)

8B4   User Level Network Performance Monitoring Programme
         Cees de Laat and Hans Blom, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
          - Abstract - Paper - Slides (2.30MB)



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