TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Session 7B

Charging Models for National Research Networks
Chair: Jan Gruntorád, CESNET, Czech Republic

Most, if not all, National Research Networks (NRNs) are facing the problem of ever-increasing demand for bandwidth (mainly international) to accommodate exponentially increasing traffic generated by their users and at the same time available funding resources being more or less static. This session will begin with a presentation about the pricing of networks in Europe followed by a case study from an NRN, discussing how they implemented a charging model for their national network. The session will conclude with a panel debate, in which the panellists will discuss measures to overcome the discrepancy between demand for additional bandwidth and available funds.

7B1   Pricing Networks
         Dai Davies, DANTE - Abstract - Paper PDF (50KB)
         - Slides (295KB)

7B2   QoS and HEAnet's Charging Model: an administrative and
         technical overview

         Mike Norris, HEAnet Ltd., Ireland - Abstract - Paper PDF
         (2.64MB) - Slides (283KB)

7B3   Panel Debate on Funding Networks
         Panellists include:

  • Dai Davies, DANTE
  • Mike Norris, HEAnet Ltd., Ireland
  • Roman Tirler, European Commission


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