TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Session 7A

Video over IP
Chair: Harri Salminen, FUNET, Finland

This session will take the style of a tutorial and provide participants with a practical, in-depth view of both streaming and H.323 conferencing technologies, or in short, both interactive and one-way video over the Internet. Come and learn!

7A1   Streaming Technologies: under the hood
         Egon M. Verharen, SURFnet, The Netherlands - Abstract -
         Extended presentation (including notes pages) Slides (1.91 MB)

7A2   Potential and Limitations of a Teleteaching Environment based
         on H.323 Audio - Visual Communication Systems

         Pantelis Balaouras, Ioannis Stavrakakis and Lazaros Merakos,
         University of Athens, Greece - Abstract - Paper (PDF - 84KB)
         - Slides (2.51MB)



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