TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Session 6B

Network Policy and Regulation
Chair: Pedro Veiga, FCCN, Portugal

Today's technology is evolving very fast but there are several aspects that pose challenges and constraints to networks engineers. These range from the availability of circuits and their costs but also some legal and regulatory aspects. This sessions discusses some of these issues focussing on aspects related to, but not limited to, evolution in the European area. Special emphasis will be put on cost evolution and DNS administration.

6B1   Evolution of Network Services in a Large University - an
         Italian case study: Padova

         Franco Bombi, University of Padova and Alberto de Petris,
         Infostrada Spa, Italy - Abstract - Slides (1.1MB)

6B2   Internet Governance and the CENTR Organisation
         Dennis Jennings, University College Dublin, Ireland
         - Slides (107KB)

6B3   Evolution in the Management of Top Level Domains:
         ".it" as a case study

         Stefano Trumpy, Vittore Casarosa, Maurizio Martinelli, Rita Rossi
         and Daniele Vannozzi, CNR-IAT, Italy - Abstract - Paper
         - Slides (145KB)



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