TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Session 5B

Managing QoS
Chair: Dai Davies, DANTE

Session 4B focused on the technological aspects of QoS. This session addresses the management and organisational aspects in terms of interaction between different administrative domains that need to be tackled (set-up, monitoring, troubleshooting) in order to effectively offer end to end QoS. Many of the challenges are independent from the technology adopted to deliver QoS.

5B1   Management Issues of the TEN-155 Managed Backbone

         Roberto Sabatino, DANTE - Abstract - Slides (783KB)

5B2   QoS Management Scheme Based on OAM Performance

         Zhao Yang and Wang GuangXing, Northeastern University,
         Shenyang, China - Abstract - Paper PDF (3.4MB), Word (119KB)

5B3   Dynamic Management for End To End IP QoS : from
         Best-effort to personalized services

         Fayšal Bennani and NoŰmie Simoni, Ecole Nationale SupÚrieure des
         TÚlÚcommunications (ENST), France - Abstract - Paper
         - Slides (508KB)



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