TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Session 3B

The Campus Network - the next bottleneck
Chair: Mike Norris, HEAnet Ltd., Ireland

With the recent advances in high performance wide area networks, the campus network is emerging as the next bottleneck in the provision of quality end to end communications. While technologies such as Gigabit Ethernet may appear to simplify the design choices, many issues remain unresolved - the convergence of media, new developments in telephony services, the immaturity of solutions to the quality of service problem and the lack of common standards for security, authentication and access control. This session will explore some of the issues facing the campus network manager.

3B1   IP Telephony in the Next Generation Network Campus
         Silvano Gai, Cisco Systems, Inc., USA
         - Abstract - Slides (PDF - 2.72MB)

3B2   Broadband_Connection@home for students and employees
         Tom Koppen, University of Twente, The Netherlands
         - Abstract - Slides (813KB)

3B3   Did MPOA achieve its objective?
         Eva Pless, Ferdinand Hommes and Lothar Zier, German National
         Research Center for Information Technology (GMD), Germany
         - Abstract - Paper (PDF - 62KB) - Slides (207KB)



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