TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Session 2A

Security of Internet Applications
Chair: Antonio Lioy, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

If the Internet is to become everybody's preferred information and commercial channel, then security is a must, not an option. This session will try to address some of the current security problems with three papers focusing on different issues. First, recent advances in the foundations of security will be presented; that is the proposed protocols, formats, and architectures at the core of modern secure applications. Second, we will broaden our view to include important business topics, too often underestimated, such as risk analysis and security management, and their relation to a general quality framework. Finally, we will delve into a real application by looking at the security techniques employed by the electronic voting system for Italian universities.

2A1   New Advances in Internet Security Technolgy
         Wolfgang Schneider, German National Research Center for
         Information Technology (GMD), Germany
         - Abstract - Slides (96KB)

2A2   The Changing Role of IT Security in an Internet World
         - A Business Perspective

         Hannes P. Lubich, Bank Julius Baer, Zurich, Switzerland
         - Abstract - Paper - Slides (131KB)

2A3   The Italian Academic Community's Electronic Voting System
         Pierluigi Bonetti, Stefano Ravaioli and Simone Piergallini, CINECA,
         Inter University Supercomputing Center, Italy
         - Abstract - Paper - Slides (1.96MB)



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