TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Session 1A

Developments in Network Monitoring and Management Tools
Chair: Michael Walsh, University College Dublin, Ireland

This session provides an insight into the development of tools for network monitoring. It covers tools, useful for network managers, that measure raw-data performance, as well as tools that monitor and manage service levels as perceived by end users and applications.

1A1   Tracking a Metamorphic Infrastructure: observations on our
         (in)ability to accurately predict, analyze or even measure
         conditions on the global Internet

         K.C. Claffy, Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
         (CAIDA), USA - Abstract - Slides (HTML)

1A2   Mobile Agent Technology for the Management of Distributed
         Systems - a Case Study

         Claudia Raibulet and Claudio Demartini, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
         - Abstract - Paper - Slides (103KB)

1A3   Service Level Management with Agent Technology
         Torsten Bissel, Volker Hadamschek, Manfred Bogen and Christian
         Bonkowski,German National Research Center for Information
         Technology (GMD), Germany - Abstract - Paper PDF (111KB)
          Slides (721KB)



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