TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Session 10B

Recent Results
Chair: Brian Gilmore, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

This session of the conference provides a forum in which the very latest developments from projects in progress can be presented. With less formal papers and presentations, the recent result session provides a forum for debate and exchange of ideas, and an opportunity to ask questions and give opinions on topical subjects in research networking.

10B1   Deploying MPLS on the Czech Academic Backbone
           Ladislav Lhotka, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic -
           Abstract - Paper - Slides (220KB)

10B2   Making MBone Tools to be Widely Used by
           Non-Experienced People

           Pedro M. Ruiz Martinez, RedIRIS, Spain - Abstract - Paper
           - Slides (193KB)

10B3   People Power and the Web: Building Quality Controlled

           Debra Hiom, Martin Belcher and Emma Place, Institute for Learning
           and Research Technology, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
           - Abstract - Paper PDF (17KB) - Slides (48KB)

10B4   Manchester University Tiny Network Element Monitor
           (MUTiny NEM) - a Network/Systems Management Tool

           Dave McClenaghan and George Neisser, Manchester Computing,
           The University of Manchester, United Kingdom - Abstract
           - Paper PDF (712KB) - Slides (331KB)

10B5   Data Mining in Chemistry
           Markus Hemmer and Johann Gasteiger, University of Erlangen-
           Nürnberg, Germany - Abstract - Paper - Slides (1.06MB)



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