TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Session 10A

High-Speed Networking
Chair: Dai Davies, DANTE

The High-Speed Networking session will focus on the development and implementation of two national high-speed infrastructures. Both of these networks are at the very forefront of development and demonstrate the way forward at Gigabit speeds. They will focus on the architectures and provide some explanation of the rationale behind the choices made. In addition there will be a presentation on the use of ADSL to provide a high-speed access mechanism to the backbone.

10A1   High-Speed Access in GigaPort
           Peter Valkenburg, SURFnet, The Netherlands - Abstract
           - Slides (208KB)

10A2   G-WiN - the Gbit/s Infrastructure for the German Scientific

           Gertraud Hoffmann, DFN-Verein, Germany - Abstract
           - Paper PDF (76KB) - Slides (168KB)

10A3   ATM over ADSL Probe in Telecom Italia Environment
           Stanislav Milanovic, Serco Group Plc. and Alessandro Maglianella,
           Telecom Italia, Italy - Abstract - Paper PDF (194KB)
            Slides (439KB)



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