TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

QoS and HEAnet's Charging Model: an administrative and technical overview

Mike Norris, HEAnet Ltd., Ireland

HEAnet is the national research network for Ireland. It is not-for-profit, and operates a charging model based on objectives defined by its members. The model apportions costs among members equitably and according to the level of service subscribed. The model is implemented using QoS features of routing platforms. At first, Custom Queuing was implemented on a throttle router at HEAnet. Next, the implementation was moved to the US side of HEAnet's trans-Atlantic circuit, with operation and management provided by the bandwidth provider. In 1999, HEAnet commissioned a new trans-Atlantic DS-3 circuit, with DANTE providing transit in New York. DANTE also implemented Cisco's Committed Access Rate (CAR) to shape traffic according to HEAnet's specification.

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