TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Potential and Limitations of a Teleteaching Environment based on H.323 Audio - Visual Communication Systems

Pantelis Balaouras, Ioannis Stavrakakis and Lazaros Merakos, University of Athens, Greece

The effective support of teleteaching services requires the development of multimedia collaboration systems that are capable of providing real-time and high quality audio-visual communication among distributed instructors and students. In the absence of such specialised systems, technologies tailored to other services are being considered for teleteaching services as well. Such a technology is the H.323 audio-visual communication technology developed to support video communication over IP. Although teleteaching and videoconferencing have similar QoS requirements, teleteaching functional requirements are a superset of those of videoconferencing. The suitability of H.323 technology and its currently available products for supporting teleteaching services is investigated, based on experience gained during a related deployment at the University of Athens.

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