TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Evolution in the Management of Top Level Domains: ".it" as a case study

Stefano Trumpy, Vittore Casarosa, Maurizio Martinelli, Rita Rossi and Daniele Vannozzi, CNR-IAT, Italy

In this paper we present an overview of the transition of the Internet coordination functions from the US Government to the international private sector, and review the main problems encountered in this process. The management of the Italian Top Level Domain .it is used as a case study to illustrate how some of those problems have been solved, and how the open ones are being addressed.

The management of the .it TLD has evolved into two different bodies: the Italian Naming Authority, charged with the definition of the rules and the procedures for the registration and usage of domain names under .it, and the Italian Registration Authority, charged with the actual registration of domain names in the domain data base and the provision of DNS services. The naming rules for domain names under .it are becoming more and more "liberal", and the registration service has undergone the common transition from a free service mostly provided to the Italian research community to a fee service mostly provided to commercial users.

The paper will conclude with an overview of the major challenges which remain to be solved, on one side to formalize the relationship with ICANN for the delegation of the management of the TLD .it, and on the other side to legitimize the activities of the Naming Authority and the Registration Authority in the frame of the increased awareness of Internet matters on the part of Italian governmental organizations.

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