TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Evolution of Network Services in a Large University - an Italian case study: Padova

Franco Bombi, University of Padova and Alberto de Petris, Infostrada Spa, Italy

Padova University (one of the oldest University in Europe) buildings are distributed over the old town centre and in several minor towns of the Veneto Region. The legacy of historical buildings and the wide geographical distribution of scientific departments, students facilities and administrative buildings represent a challenge for the design and maintenance of high quality telecommunication infrastructure.

Taking advantage of the opening of the telecommunication market, in 1998 the University, as the result of a limited tender action, choose Infostrada as the supplier of transport services both for voice and data under the terms of a three year contract. Voice and data transport are now fully integrated with the Infostrada SDH backbone through a point to point and point to multipoint wireless high speed access system. Internet access, traditionally provided by the GARR national research network, is supplemented by a virtual domain, derived from the Infostrada free service (Libero), offered free of charge to all the students.

Further integration of the net is planned in order to exploit voice over IP for toll by pass at regional level, to offer PC to phone service to all students from their residence and, on an experimental bases, from students dormitories using wireless LAN's fed by ADSL access lines.

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