TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

VIDOS - A System for Editing and Customizing Videos over the Web

David M. Shotton and Thomas Boudier, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

VIDOS is a new video download specification system developed to meet the need for convenient, flexible and user-friendly digital video editing over the Internet or local intranets. It permits you to edit and customize a personal version of any digital video available on the network, including your own locally-stored videos. Using VIDOS, you can select an area and time period of interest, specify the zoom factor, the frame rate and the video format, and choose the nature and quality of digital compression to be applied, before downloading the edited video to your own computer.

This enables you to adapt videos to suit your intended uses, or to match them to your video playback software, the bandwidth of your network connection, and your available disc storage space. Since all the numerically intensive computations are performed on the VIDOS server, this is all achievable without you having to upgrade your own personal computer or install costly video editing software, and can result in substantial savings in download times and disc storage requirements.

The VIDOS system uses standard client-server protocols and VIDOS client interfaces that involve platform-independent Java applets running in a Web browser environment, by which the user can select a video and specify the parameters to be used in preparing the customized version of it. These customization parameters are then passed to the main VIDOS program running on the distant VIDOS server. Also written in Java, this program utilizes standard software libraries and utilities to produce the desired edited and personalized version of the video, which can then be downloaded to the user's computer.

With the enormous projected growth of digital video traffic on intranets and on the Internet for personal, business, educational, governmental, scientific and home entertainment purposes, we anticipate that VIDOS will prove to be of significant usefulness. VIDOS is patent pending technology. Enquiries should be addresses to Isis Innovation Ltd, the intellectual property company of the University of Oxford (http://www.isis-innovation.com). At present, a demonstration VIDOS system is running at: http://vidos.zoo.ox.ac.uk/vidos.

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