TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Dynamic Management for End To End IP QoS : from Best-effort to personalized services

Fayšal Bennani and NoŰmie Simoni, Ecole Nationale SupÚrieure des TÚlÚcommunications (ENST), France

The recent propositions made for supporting QoS in IP networks contain several interesting mechanisms that act on a packet or a set of packets basis. As mastery of the end to end QoS requires considering each individual host-to-host service, it is of interest to study how these mechanisms can be efficiently assembled and complemented to meet the end to end goal without having to overhead each of the participating nodes.

In this talk, we propose an architecture for QoS dynamic management based on DiffServ domains interconnecting units. The proposition relies on a discussion of a set of generic QoS-enabling components that we arrange according to both time scales axis and execution planes axis. This reveals the relevant areas to focus on to perform end to end QoS and offer personalized services.

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