TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

The GigaPort Project

Frank Biemans, Telematics Institute, The Netherlands

The GigaPort project is a project sponsored by the Dutch government to introduce next generation Internet in the Netherlands. The GigaPort project develops a testbed, consisting of an advanced backbone and several broadband access networks. This testbed is used to experiment with new Internet protocols and middleware. In addition to the network, GigaPort supports the development of applications that use the broadband, quality-of-service or mobility features of next generation Internet. The project supports the development of applications through substantial research into application protocols, which will run on top of the next generation Internet, and through projects with companies to develop pilot applications and demonstrators.

In this talk, we will sketch the overall organisation of the GigaPort project, describe the type of applications being developed, describe the research into application protocols, and describe some pilot projects.

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