TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

Making MBone Tools to be Widely Used by Non-Experienced People

Pedro M. Ruiz Martinez, RedIRIS, Spain

Although IP multicast is a very good solution for internetworking multimedia in many-to-many communications, there are still few people using it seriously. Usually this technology is only used by active participants in its deployment. There are various issues making people avoid using this technology. However, all these issues are not technical. Non experienced people usually find it easier to use some other H.323 applications than the MBone tools like vic, vat, sdr, and so on. In this paper we will describe a way to integrate MBone tools with e-mail and the WWW in order to make them easier to use. We will also see how to use this technique for providing secure multicast videoconferencing facilities and how to integrate it with a well-known application for collaborative work.

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