TERENA Networking Conference 2000    

ATM over ADSL Probe in Telecom Italia Environment

Stanislav Milanovic, Serco Group Plc. and Alessandro Maglianella, Telecom Italia, Italy

This paper covers access network performance analysis by deploying ATM over ADSL within the Telecom Italia experimental department "EXANET" (Experimental ATM Network). In this scenario, data traffic leaves the customer site as ATM traffic running over ADSL modem links, gets aggregated via DSLAM (DSL Access Multiplexer) at the central office (CO) and then dropped onto the high-speed ATM switching fabric. The Italian telephone company was eager to use ADSL as a way to relieve congestion on circuit-switched voice telephony system increasingly bogged down by the growth of the Internet and long data transmissions. ADSL will enable carriers to offload data traffic onto a separate packet or cell-switched overlay network. As a Service Provider, Telecom Italia can offer this type of service as a Managed Network (OSI layer 2) where the customer's remote site is connected to its regional site or to its headquarter via PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit). It is also possible to provide a Managed Service where the router installed at a customer's premises is run by a Service Provider that can implement a Virtual Private Network (integration with OSI layer 3): in this scenario, an ATM PVC ends up at a router (connecting to DSLAM) that sends traffic towards Service Provider's IP backbone [2].

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