BoF Sessions

The following "Birds of a Feather" (BoF) sessions were held at the TERENA Networking Conference 2000.

Virtual Presence
Wednesday 24 May 2000
Chair: Bob Aiken (Cisco Systems, Inc.)

Virtual and Persistent Presence is an interesting area of Internet development, which may be of great importance to the European research networking community. This BoF session presented ongoing work and plans, discussed the technical challenges, and aimed to identify those in the wider European community who are interested in technical development work or are already involved in such work. It is hoped that the BoF might lead to plans for new activities at a European scale.

The session was attended by 21 participants from seven countries and included presentations on:

  • Persistent Presence and Some of the Middleware Issues Involved
    Bob Aiken, Cisco Systems, Inc., USA
    PowerPoint Slides (888KB)

  • CoBrow
    Klaus Wolf, University of Ulm, Germany
    PowerPoint Slides (735KB)

  • The IETF's IMPP Working Group
    Klaus Wolf, University of Ulm, Germany

  • GigaPort's Plans for Persistent Presence
    Klaas Wierenga, SURFnet, The Netherlands
    PowerPoint Slides (793KB)

  • The Use of Persistent Presence in Applications Henk Eertink, Telematics Institute, The Netherlands
    PowerPoint Slides (570KB)

Notes from this meeting are available.

Cache Log Analysis
Wednesday 24 May 2000
Chair: Jens-S. Vöckler (University of Hanover)

This BoF session covered Log Anonymisation, Standard Log Format Descriptors and the Nature of Log Statistics. The session was attended by nine participants from seven countries.

Minutes from this meeting are available.

Caching Technology Used in the Terminal Room
Wednesday 24 May 2000
Chair: Eugene Forrester (Novell)

This informal presentation and Q&A session provided participants with an insight into the caching technology demonstrated by Novell in the conference Terminal Room.

Network Research Topics
Thursday 25 May 2000
Chair: Bob Aiken (Cisco Systems, Inc.)

Internet2, TEN-155 and TF-TANT activities have all successfully focused on deploying new technologies as they emerge and on acting as testbeds for these new capabilities. However these environments are primarily production networks and therefore do not readily lend themselves to supporting network research. The intent of this BoF was to identify and discuss network research topics and environments that are of interest to the international networking community, but specifically focusing on those research topics and areas that leverage Europe's network expertise.

Cisco's University Research Program (URP), managed by Bob Aiken is interested in engaging in a dialogue to identify research topics in networking that are of interest and importance to the European community and which may become potential candidates for support by Cisco's URP. Topics of particular interest include Mobile and Persistent Presence environments as well as ubiquitous computing - albeit focusing on the network capabilities necessary to support these areas. These nominally include Middleware such as accounting, authorisation, authentication, active directories, policy (security, QoS, VPNs) servers, locators / search engines, distributed database and caching technologies (e.g. to store status information) as well as network layer support for addressing and naming, and the monitoring, control, management and provisioning of network resources.